Research support

Communications and Knowledge management


The work of ILRI and its staff collectively results in a wide range of outputs that are ‘published’ in a number of formats or channels. These include, but are not limited to: articles, books, reports, chapters, brochures, flyers, press items, CDs and DVDs, web sites, posters, conference papers and presentations, images, audio files, videos and films, maps, software, datasets and databases.

Download our institutional strategy on research publishing.

In this strategy, we explain how we will publish ‘international public goods’ whose benefits can be accessed and taken up  internationally. The goods need to ‘travel’.

We want these ILRI goods to be accessible, directly or indirectly, by a wide range of stakeholders and clients, with as few technical or financial limitations as possible.

In December 2010, ILRI Management adopted an open 'creative commons' license to be used for ILRI-generated research outputs.

To ensure maximum uptake, we aim to work with a range of specialized ‘relay’ partners who ensure the wider translation and application of our corporate and research messages.


To achieve its strategic objectives of developing, testing, adapting and promoting science-based practices, providing compelling scientific evidence to decision makers and developing capacities, ILRI invests in communications and knowledge management.

This work is led at the corporate level by the communications and knowledge management unit. Communications specialists are also embedded across different projects and programs ensuring that actions are close to activities.


ILRI is a knowledge-based organization. We aim to organize and share data, information and knowledge to support research, inform partners and stakeholders, and provide the evidence base for decision making. We design systems and services to capture, organize, share and disseminate the data and information we produce, making it available, accessible and, as far as possible,  applicable. We also promote and encourage more effective forms of knowledge sharing and exchange, within the institute and across the projects and partnerships we engage in. The organizational units leading this work are the Communications and Knowledge Management Group and the Research Methods Group. See our research outputSee our data portal

Intellectual property and legal unit

The Intellectual Property (IP)/Legal Unit supports ILRI's research themes and other units in drafting, negotiating and reviewing research agreements between ILRI and its partners in terms of legal and intellectual property related provisions; reviewing and advising on all institutional contracts/agreements; advising on intellectual property and legal issues; and managing ILRI’s intellectual property assets, including managing the register of memoranda of understanding and letters of agreement with all partner institutions.


Research methods group

The ILRI Research Methods Group provides Consortium Research Program and project level support covering all aspects of research methods (design of surveys, experiments and research activities related to impact assessment and monitoring and evaluation, research computing – systems and data management, statistical and geographical information systems (GIS) analysis).

This support is available to ILRI staff, students and our research partners globally. The group is also responsible for, and committed to, providing institutional level support, advice and monitoring of research quality systems and open access of data.

Visit ILRI data resources at to access our data (including spatial), tools, software and code.